Saturday, June 13, 2009


Just a quick explansion before I get too far into showing picture of our trip.  First of all I was taught by the best, but I have a very short memory, and found that I really did not know how to take pictures like this. It didnt stop my desire to try, but my efforts are going to look rather amaturish compaired to those who actually know how to use their camera.So this is the drill,  You are expected to give critic, only if you know how to fix the probelm and want to share it with me!  Everyone else is supposed to say something like this: "Wow, what great pictures! You have invented a whole new style that will certainly catch on someday somewhere."

This is a special post dedicated to all those folks who still think they won't survive without a mini-van. Or to the husbands who are trying to convince their wives that one extraordinary vehicle could cover all their needs.  Check this out, you might find just what you are looking for.  The Chinese have alot to teach us!

This little Piggy went to market ....

You saw right. Pigs in downtown Xi'an!

This guy's lucky he doesn't have to peddle

This guy likes the sun, but wants to shade his cargo.

He's been at the peddle awhile and is looking for a break.  Maybe he can sell a few vegetables at the same time. 
It was her turn bike pooling the kids.

This is a real upgrade in Pingyow

This is how the royalty travel.

Nice boat on Yangzhi River

Not so nice boat of Yangzhi River
May not be royalty but he still knows how to get around.
It took 4 men and an old lady to get him up the hill and through town.
People came out of their shops and houses to get a look at the biggest load of the day.
Biking is easier, and a great way to tour on top of the great wall around the city of Xi'an.

This guy isn't willing to make more than one trip to get his load somewhere.  I think this is what you call, "bringing your work home with you."
They still talk on their cell phones while driving.
I think this guy got tired and abandoned the whole ideaa.
This little girl got picked up from school on time.
With a motor Junior can get to school a little faster.
This little guy found his own tranportation to the zoo.
We saw the giant Pandas together.
There was a drag race going on here, and looked pretty close.
This is the rush hour, and jockying for possition can be tricky
This man just wanst to get his equipment to the job site any way he can
This guy is not in the diamond line, but brought along an extra seat just in case he's lucky enough  to pick up an extra rider and save some time
This is a sweet way to take the family about in real comfort and protection from the elements.
I think it might be the mini-van we have been looking for.


Markie23 said...

The pictures were great, and the captions were awesome! Keep 'em coming!

ManicMandee said...

Totally unlike us lazy Americans hu? I guess that's why most of them are in such great shape.

Emily said...

This post was thoroughly entertaining! Keep them coming! I love how you caught all the very unique things about China on camera--not just the usual touresty stuff.

Mary said...

Great post. Loved the commentary!

Lynn Cooper said...

I miss China! It's certainly a unique place. so glad I was able to experience it. Keep those pictures and commentary going! I'm loving it!