Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1 or so: Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong on a stormy day, and were thoroughly exhausted.  We had already been up about 36 hours and our main goal for the day was to stay awake for at least 14 more hours.  Needless to say, this was the hardest day (or two) of our trip, and kind of a blur.  One of the highlights was a visit to Stanley Market, which is a tangled mess of shops and hockers and a great  introduction to shopping in China.  There apparently is no such thing as set pricing, and every purchase must be made after long and intense haggling.  

We took a boat ride in the harbor and saw a whole society of people who have spent their entire lives on water.  It was very colorful, and interesting.

Greg sitting at the bow.

We were lucky enough to get a quick look at the Hong Kong Temple.

The view out our hotel window.


ManicMandee said...

Looks like a great trip. I bet you guys are crazy tired.

Lynn Cooper said...

Yeah, you made it back safe and sound! I want to hear all about it! Those pictures of Hong Kong at night are beautiful! Get some rest! Love ya,

Emily said...