Saturday, October 24, 2009

OK Blogger Land. It has been a long time, but I haven't heard any complaints. I refuse to let that get me down! I spent a great month out of the country. First two great weeks with my hubby. We took the Queen Mary II from NY to England, (a super luxurious ship) and then spent a great week in England exploring places we haven't been before. I now have a new favorite village in England called, Lavenham. It is so cute it could put you into sugar shock. Then we spent a few days in Germany together and had a wonderful time. We met up with Mary and her friends in Frankfurt. Greg left for home and I started a new adventure with Mary, Peggy and Fawn. We had a great time. We covered a lot of territory in two weeks. Germany in the fall is really fantastic! The colors were unbelievable, and the whole beauty of the country put my eyes on overload! While on this trip I came up with a great idea for a movie script. Lucky me! I just happen to have a son who is a movie producer, and is looking for a script! Andy and I have put our heads together and we are collaborating on a movie!! Amber is our third partner, and we are set for the adventure of a life time! At least I am. This is old hat to the others. But I have a new passion and am so excited I can hardly stand it! I'm sure we will be setting up a website about the movie sometime in the future. The script is finished, crew is being assembled, funds look promising, we are on our way. It won't be long before I am "Somebody!" (If cans start exploding around me I'll let you know.)