Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Germany and This and That

Just got back from a trip to Utah to witness the very special Blythe Butler baptized, and the scrumptious Charity Bishop blessed. It was also the first time I met, said Charity. What a darling!! Both events were tremendous. Thank you so much to the Bishop family for hosting us. They are always so gracious and do all they can to make us comfortable! It is also good to be home. The weather had been beautiful. Andy and I have been making further plans for our upcoming movie. It is getting very exciting to see it come together little by little. Andy is working on a web site right now and hopefully we will soon have a sight you can visit to see the progress.
Now, some of you may not believe that I actually went to Germany, so I am going to post a few pictures, provided I can upload them. Wish me luck!