Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today my baby boy is 17!! I can't tell you how strange that feels! One more year and I will have no more minors to raise. It is a very bittersweet feeling. Sam was such a sweet little boy, that I absolutely adored!! When I would look at that beautiful face it felt like my heart would just burst with joy. I have such wonderful fond memories of him in the back seat of my car wanting to hear Funiculi, Funicula one more time. I remember the summers we spent in England, and how fun he was in The Sherwood Forest, dressed like Robinhood, and the monastery, dressed as a monk. I remember the time he flew through the air into my arms when he was startled in the mirror maze. If I knew how to get pictures on my blog you would all be looking at my favorite picture of Sam dressed in his wise man costume for his kindergarden Christmas pageant. His teen years have not been nearly as fun, but I have to admit that Sam is a very good boy. He has given us less trouble than most, and we are very proud of him. We expect great things from him in the future, as he is very smart and very talented. We love you Sam!! Happy Birthday!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations to the Bishop Family (and few other disjointed comments.)

First of all, I have to yell out a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda and Steve. She shared some very exciting news with us this morning. I will leave the rest for Amanda to tell. We love you darling!!!!

Leaving On A Jet Plane:

I'm not excited, or anything, but HUUUUUURAY!! I feel like my feet have been nailed to the floor for months. We are excited to be going to Utah on Wednesday, and are planning on enjoying every minute. As much as I hate cold, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing some snow. But most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing all the people in Utah that we love so much, and even a couple of our favorite Idahoans are joining us there. Combined with the Concert-of-the Year, that our very own Laurie will be participating in, and our Bailey Christmas Party hosted by Anna, I'm planning on coming home totally exhausted and happy!! It is going to go by WAY too fast! I'll tell you about it when we get back.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanks To All

I just want to thank you all for your support. It is a roller-coaster ride, for sure, but I do believe that Tim is improving. We appreciate the prayers in his behalf.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hard Week!

This has been a very hard week. I have wanted to write and talk to you all about what is going on, but it is
just too hard to put words to my thoughts. However, I want you to know that I am thinking of all my loved ones right now, and praying for your health and happiness. I have faith that the Lord is in charge, loves us, and wants our happiness. I will be back with you on the blog party-line soon.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Birthday Grandma

I have had a lot of great plans to write this week about all the things I am grateful for. I also planned to write a particularly touching and wonderful tribute about my mother on her birthday. My wonderful and heartfelt plans rarely see the light of day, and now here I am the morning after full of regrets for opportunities missed. Then I thought, "Hey, I'm still alive, so I guess it isn't too late yet!" So here is what I am grateful for:

A Heavenly Father who blesses my life, even when I don't deserve it.

Earthly parents who loved me and did the very best they could.

A mother who would stay up all night to make me a new dress, for no particular reason.

Brothers and sisters who are awesome.

A husband who would walk to the ends of the earth to put a smile on my face.

Children who are astonishingly good-looking, smart and talented.

Grandchildren who are even more astonishingly good-looking, smart and talented.

Health and strength.

Living in the "land of the free."

Being a member of the church.

Having a roof over my head, and food on the table.

Not having to pull a plow.

Sliced bread, paper plates, ice cream, chocolate, automobiles and airplanes.


Recorded music!!

Dancing and singing.

And I say to myself, "What a wonderful world ......"

Emogene Romine Bailey:

Born November 22, 1928. The world is a better place for having her here. I am a better person for having known her. The world is also a bit more crowded because of her, and I, for one, think that is a very very good thing, because the world needs more of Gene's genes. I love you Mom!! Thanks for all you have done, and still continue to do for me and mine. You are an awesome mother, and my most loyal friend. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Evening

One word. S-W-E-E-T! I slept off the effects of the day, (but will never live down the humiliation) and went to Tim's house for Scott's weekly gospel discussion. Molly lead the discussion last night, and did a beautiful job. She shared a spiritual moment that she and Scott had together, and Scott shared a spiritual moment of his own. This has come to be my favorite time of the week!

What a Day!!! : (

You know how good Saturday was? Well, that's how bad Sunday was! If I had a "Groundhog Day" like that I would be leaping off tall buildings, and napping on railroad tracks. It was a day that nightmares are made of. You know that nightmare where you are at school in your underwear, and you have to give a speech in front of the student body, there's breakfast in your teeth and you haven't combed your hair since Easter? That was my day. It was kind of like the time I went to the dentist right after we were married. My parents volunteered to pay for one last trip to the dentist since they didn't have time to get me in before I got married. I had 22 cavities filled in one day. I was so numb I couldn't feel my eyelids, let alone my mouth or nose. My tongue was a useless, swollen, chewed up piece of meat that made it impossible for me to close my mouth, and completely incapable of speech. A sock would have been more useful! With my tongue hanging out, drool running down my chin, snot smeared around on my face, and my eyelids frozen open, I found my way to Greg's place of employment for the very first time since our nuptials. After finding that nothing came out of my mouth but tongue and drool and a few guttural groans, I took a pen and paper from the startled girl at the desk and wrote in childish scribble, "Get Greg Waite. I'm his wife." (Come to think of it, maybe this was Greg's nightmare?!!) Her face turned white, and she backed out of the room kind of whimpering. In a flash she was back pulling Greg by the arm, and about 12 co-workers poked their head around the corner to get a quick look. That was my day yesterday! Now that I have set up the proper level of humiliation, I realize I still have no hope of you understanding what a bad day I had. But imagine that you had been called to play the piano for Primary, and when you got there you realized you had never seen one of those instruments before and had no idea how to play it. Now you're getting close! Oh, by the way, I have a new calling. I am the new primary pianist. Yesterday was my first day. I don't know exactly what happened in the morning, and I may never know. My best guess is that somehow someone wanted to play a very cruel joke on me and switched out my medicine bottles, and gave me something that made my tongue hang out, drool and snot run down my face, and my eyelids freeze open. I staggered into the primary room and felt my way to what I thought must be a piano but there was not one recognizable note in sight. I opened the song book set in front of me, and all I could see were floating black dots in double exposure that meant absolutely nothing to me. The worst part was, I didn't care. I hit whatever key my numb hands fell upon. The flustered chorister kept saying, "Just play the melody!" I just kept saying, "Aww'm Saaaaawwwweeeee!" I don't know if I will ever be able to show my face in the ward again! I still don't know what happened. My best guess is I somehow mixed up my sleeping pills with my cholesterol medication. If that was the case, I took 3 times my regular dose of sleeping pills at 8:00 am! Let me tell you, that is a recipe for a very bad day!!

What a Day!!! : )

So Greg and I decided to take a little trip over to the coast with Molly and Scott. We thought we would give them the pleasure of showing us their favorite stomping grounds, scout out a place for the wedding, and get to spend some extra time with them. We took Grandma with us and drove up to my brother Sam's place and spent the night. The next day we left Grandma being entertained by Sam and we took off for our adventure. It was a beautiful day with sunny blue skies, and the perfect temperature for enjoying the great outdoors. We drove down the coast of Highway 1 watching the scenic view on the right. It was spectacular! we passed beautiful white sand beaches, tall waves with snow-white caps crashing on rocks that sent a fine spray high into the air, and water the shade of aqua I thought only existed in a fine-tuned imagination. It was crystal clear, like the beaches in Fiji. We took a little drive through Carmel. I thought I had been there before, but it was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting a cute little California coast town. Instead, I found myself back in the Cotswolds! darling little english cottages, half-timbered, stone fenced, and even a thatched roof here and there. I WAS HOME!!!! Greg and I had considered spending out next anniversary in England, but have since decided to save the airfare and fatigue and come to Carmel instead. As we drove further down the coast we learned of the early beginnings of Scott's family... how his parents met, where they worked, and how and where Scott and his brother Tucker were raised .. all very interesting, entertaining and informative. Then we got to the area that Scott was most excited to show us. Pfiffer State Park. (Did I spell that right?) What a beautiful place!!! Tall redwood trees that grow all the way down to the ocean, beautiful trails calling us in every direction, little streams, bigger streams, quaint little bridges and breath-taking waterfalls. He showed us one spot that had "IT" all. What a location!!!! Cecil B. DeMille could not have found a better location to shoot "The Wedding of the Century." We don't know if we can use the spot yet, but we are hoping with might!! We saw several other places, just in case. We hiked up and down every trail we had time for, and were sure wishing we had more time! We had a very late lunch at a wonderful restaurant that Scott knew of. It was high on the cliffs over looking that special shade of aqua that made us grateful to be alive. I had a salad that was the best ever, but sadly, left me wanting more. By the time we headed back north, the fog rolled in and the sun set leaving us in the dark. I do hate these early sunsets, but on a day like that, it should be against the law!!!! If ever I needed some daylight-saving, it was then! Since I could no longer enjoy the view I decided I would enjoy some food. The salad, though fantastic, did not do the trick for me. I NEEDED CLAM CHOWDER!! We stopped at Moss Landing, miraculously (another story) and filled up on Phil's famous chowder in a bread-bowl. I was a happy woman!! (Sorry Jenny Craig!) If it had been on the Jenny Craig menu, I think it might have had one mouthful .... just enough to make you hungry, and no bread-bowl to put it in. We finished and headed up the road to try and find Sam's house in the dark and fog once more, but with a smile on our faces. We only had time for a quick "good-bye" and a grab-grandma-and-go. It was one of those days that remains in your memory forever. If I ever end up in a "Groundhog Day" I would want it to be that day. Thanks Molly and Scott!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Donald Perry Bailey

Today is the anniversary of the death of my father. It has been 26 years, and I can still remember every detail of that day. But rather than think of the pain I felt, I would rather focus today on the man that lived, and what a man he was! Dynamic is such an understatement. The man was a giant. I have never known anyone with a stronger testimony of the gospel. I have never known anyone with such a personal relationship with the Savior. I have never known anyone more excited about passing through the vail of death to meet his maker. It was so hard to let him go, yet I couldn't help but feel excited for him. He was a man who left a lasting impression on anyone he met. He loved life. He loved his family. I have no doubt that he knows each of you very well, and is watching over our family still. One of my very fondest memories of my father was him singing "Let Us All Press On" and adding the names of his children as he sang "Have courage, Lizzy, for the Lord is on our side." He loved to play with children, and was always a favorite in the neighborhood. He would play "Capture the Flag" with anyone who would take him on. He always won. He loved his grandchildren heart and soul. He was the glue that held us all together. Since his passing we have struggled with many trials and issues. I have often thought, "What would our lives be like today if he was still with us?" Then I think ..... he IS still with us.


I love you both very much, and hope that this day is full of fun, love and happy memories.

Happy Birthday Tucker!!!

It was fun to talk to Tucker tonight. He is so sweet and full of fun. I wish I could kiss that precious face!! 4 years old!!!! Hard to believe how fast the time goes by. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUCKER!

Ramblings in the Middle of the Night

It is 2:34 am, and I find myself awake with so many thoughts that I finally decided I had to write down some of the more pressing things running through my head. I don't even know where to begin, so this is going to be very random and disjointed, I'm sure. Please bear with me.

We have had such a wonderful weekend. Greg and I started out with attending the stake temple session that we have with each stake conference. We haven't been able to attend the temple very often since my mother became ill. I found this particular session very touching and meaningful. I had the name of a relative who had been waiting for her blessings nearly 300 years. I found myself feeling so very grateful for the privilege of participating in something so profoundly important to another soul's salvation. I felt so grateful to have the gospel in my life, and to be married to a man who would hold the keys essential to my eternal happiness. Seeing him waiting for me in the Celestial room made me so ...... grateful, so happy, so full of love for this man.

Saturday we were priviledged to listen to Elder Hinkley, son of the prophet. He was a wonderful speaker that brought a special spirit that is hard to express in words. He spoke of his father in such real and loving terms that we all felt closer to the prophet and felt we knew him personally. It was a wonderful experience I will never forget.

Sunday we had another opportunity to listen to this wonderful man again. We also had a new stake presidency sustained. Michael Hawkins was sustained as President of the Bakersifield Stake. His councelors were James Slaughter, and Gary Carter. All 3 are exceptional men who will lead this stake in the direction the Lord would expect. The Spirit testified to me that His will had been done in this matter.

Sunday afternoon Tim and Brenda, Andy and Amber, and Molly and Scott joined us for dinner again. This has started to be a weekly happening since we have started teaching Scott the gospel. I have to tell you all, that this has become very special to me. The feeling that comes over this household ...... I can't describe it in words. As we gather around the table and eat and visit and enjoy each other's company, it feels like all is well with the world. I feel such an overwhelming love for each person there. It feels so natural and so right, and so happy.

I want to express my sincere love for Scott. He has brought a wonderful spirit to our home each time he comes. He is a very sweet and genuine young man. Grandma called him "guiless" and I think that says it very well. I can see what Molly loves about him. I feel strongly that if he will sincerely study and pray about the gospel that he will embrace it with his whole heart. He has a spirituality about him that is so rare in such a young man. I know the Lord has plans for Scott.

I have felt a little overwhelmed lately with love for my youngest daughter. I am sad over the time that has passed with hard feelings. But it makes this special time all the sweeter. I have lately remembered the events leading up to the birth of Molly. I felt so strongly that there was another spirit that should be in our family. I approached Greg with the matter, and he had some strong scepticisim. He was Bishop at the time. He went to a meeting one night and came home with a special experience to share with me. He had had a confirmation of the Spirit that we did indeed have a daughter waiting for us. He gave me a special blessing that night, telling me that the Lord did indeed have a special spirit prepared for our home. This started a long chain of events that were loaded with frustration, pain, and struggle. But there was never a doubt that somehow this sweet daughter of God would come to us. And that she did. When she was finally placed in my arms, I knew that God's will had been done. I was the happiest woman alive. Each day was a delight as I loved her and watched her grow. I thought my heart would burst from the sheer joy of being her mother. Those feelings are much the same today. I cannot look into her face without feeling great joy and love and gratitude.

Another wonderful thing happened this evening. Sherod joined us. He brought a sweet and loving spirit with him, and I felt a sincere love from him. There is no way I can expess what that means to me. The trouble between us has been the most difficult trial I have ever been through. I want Sherod to know that I felt nothing but love for him tonight. What a sweet spirit we enjoyed in our home again. I love you Sherod, so very much! I know that we will never agree on the issues that have pulled us apart. But I am sincerely repentant for hurt that I caused you. I want more than anything to have our family whole. It is not the same without you. Thank you for tonight!

To put the frosting on the cake, Riley and Jack have spent the night with us. I have missed these sweet, brilliant, and very fun boys more than I can say! Riley was a bit pre-occupied with Sam and his new games, and that is hard to compete with. But I spent a most fun evening with Jack. He is such a darling kid and so very loving I can't remember a better time I have spent with one of my grandchildren. We played "Go fish," "Go Plus" and "War." He was brilliant!! I recieved lots of hugs kisses, and drawings. Riley chose to sleep in Sam's room, naturally, but Jack is now asleep on the sofa at the foot of my bed. Just hearing him breathe makes me happy! Looking at that precious face, I see Sherod 24 or 25 years ago, and it warms my heart.

Tonight I am a very happy and grateful woman! I want all my children to know how much I love them!!! How proud I am to be their mother. I feel the love of my Father in Heaven, who sent me 8 of his choicest children.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Molly and Scott have settled on the date of June 6th, 2008. We are all hopeful that will work well for all of you to join us at this special time. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend quite a bit of time with Molly and Scott during the last few months. We have to say that Scott is a very fine young man, and will made a great addition to our family. WELCOME TO THE WAITE FAMILY, SCOTT!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged?

I'm not sure about this, but I read on Amanda's blog that she was tagging me. Is that all it takes? I didn't feel a thing! Whether you want it or not, I guess I post 6 random things about myself. It is hard to think of anything that would interest you that you don't already know, but here goes:
1. Lima beans are the only food I have tried that I absolutely hate. Not the nice little green baby lima beans you find in vegtable soup and such, but the really big white disgusting things that my grandmother used to make, and delighted in scooping into a big bowl. I was always taught I had to eat whatever was placed before me. I tried to choke them down several times, but everytime I found they wouldn't stay in my stomach. My stomach didn't get the memo about eating everything, and absoltely refused to make a spot for Lima beans. It was finally decreed that I could pass when lima beans were served as I tended to spoil everyone else's appitite when I submitted.
2. My feet have grown a size and a half since I married. I believe my nose has grown accordingly, but can't prove it since I never measured it. It's my father's nose and I should be proud to wear it, but quite frankly, I hate my profile, and would be very happy if an inch or so of my nose was lopped off. However, I understand it will continue to grow in my old age, and it will probably meet my chin by the time I die. Please make sure no one sees my profile when I am in the casket. In fact, either have the undertaker do a little nip and tuck, or give me a closed casket ceremony.
3. If archeologist someday excavate a certain ranch in Monolith California, or on Leland Ave, in Bakersfield, they will probably run onto dozens of treasures that were long ago buried by Lizzy Bailey and her pirate captain, Tom. We loved to make treasure maps, and thought it would only be fun if the map lead to real treasures. So we would bury our favorite things. However, we were very poor map makers and rarely were able to recover our treasures. It was a sad loss, and apparently a hard lesson to learn. We were overly optomistic, I guess you could say.
4. I can eat an entire pound of Sees candy in a single evening. I have proven this more than once. Of course, this is why I am continually having to diet! Moderation has never been my strong suit!
5. I once got a jaywalking ticket, and was able to talk the District Attorney into "fixing" it for me. Of course, I swore to give up my life of crime in return.
6. I have never really learned to swim. I can kind of keep myself afloat, while in a pool and can awkwardly make my way from one side of the pool to the other. As I was growing up we always went swimming in the public pools after working on the farm during the summer. In order to swim in the "deep" end of the pool where all the "cool" kids hung out, you had to swim from one side of the pool to the other in front of the life guard, and he would pass you off, or flunk you back to the shallow end. I tried over and over again to pass, and never made it. It was a major humiliation to be exiled to the shallow end year after year!! I was once nearly drown at the beach when I was young, and pulled under by a wave and couldn't get out from under my boogie board. I have been terrified of the ocean ever since, and will never go further than ankel deep.

The Greatest News!

You will never guess who will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet. Your darling cousin Cindy Anthes and her husband are joyfully expecting a baby. They are far beyond excited!! It has been a very long wait for Cindy. They just moved into their beautiful new home that her brother Richard built for her right next door to him. She is the Primary President in our new ward, Stockdale. It is fun to see them all every Sunday now.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fred and Ginger, Move Over!!

For those who don't remember that far back, and don't watch old movies, Fred and Ginger were the best ballroom dancers on the planet, back when. Move over!!!! Greg and Lizzy are the next best thing!! Well .... sort of .... kind of ..... well ... maybe ... not even close. But we sure had a good time trying!! Our programs went very well. The first night Greg was so nervous I was afraid he was going to pass out, or even worse, wet his pants. But he hung in there and did a terrific job. There was one step where he caught the heel of my shoe and it went flying. We missed a step or two while I got it placed back on my foot, and we got right back into it. I have to admit that I was partly to blame. I had never practiced in my heels while wearing stockings. That night, feeling very dressed up and elegant, decided I needed to wear stockings to make it all perfect. That was a very bad move. I hadn't taken into consideration that I had never practiced in those shoes with stockings, and choosing to change our normal routine for a performance was a very bad move. I had my toes curled up the whole time trying to keep my shoes on. I didn't care what happened with the steps as long as I ended the dance with both shoes in tact! The secong night I lost the stockings and did much much better! Greg wasn't nearly as nervous the second night and stayed off my feet. I was very proud of us both. Of course we heard all kinds of comments about how wonderful Molly and Scott were. They do dance beautifully together, but there is that extra chemistry that no one seems to miss. I think the whole stake got the message that Molly and Scott are in-love!! Congrats to them for their great performance! If I get some help from the Geek squad I will post a couple of pictures later.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Light on Our Feet

Greg and I weighed in again today at Jenny Craig. Greg was down 5 pounds in one week!!!!! I was SOOO proud of him!!!!!! That gives him a total of 29 pounds!!!! He is trying for 60, so he is almost half way there. He is looking so good! I was only down 1 1/2 pounds. My weight comes off so slow. But since I started sooner than Greg I still have a total loss of 21 1/2 pounds, just a little more than half way to my goal. Tonight is our dance performance, and we will both be a little bit lighter on our feet. I wish you could all see Greg dance!! He's looking more like Fred Astaire every day. "So You Think You Can Dance" here we come! Wish us luck as we perform the Waltz! We've been getting tips from the judges and hope we can get it right. Maybe I can figure our how to post pictures, and put some up of our dance.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dear Bloggersville, You would never guess in a hundred years that old fogies like us could catch "the ballroom fever." Well, we have and we don't want the cure!! We have been having so much fun the last few months preparing for the Stake's big Extravaganza this weekend. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Los Angeles Temple. Greg and I are participating in the waltz number, done to "Lovers Waltz." Molly and Scott are dancing as well, and it has been a lot of fun preparing for it. Greg has turned into a great waltzer! It is the prettiest and most elegant dance in the program. We were so excited once we got started that we decided to join the class we dropped last year. It is a round-dancing class. We learn various ballroom dances, but everyone does the same steps in a circle. We have someone who gives us the cues as we go, kind of like square dancers have. It is so much fun and great exersize. Molly and Scott have joined us there as well, and Scott's parents joined also. It makes our monday nights a lot of fun. Molly and Scott have been coming back to the house afterwards for a visit, and we really have enjoyed that. If any of my readers are interested in getting their own feet dancing, check to see if your community has classes available for "Round Dancing."

Monday, October 22, 2007

"It Was the Best of Times, and the Worst of Times"

I guess I could title my blog "The Best of Times and the Worst of Times." My life certainly feels like a contridiction of emotions. My best times have always been mixed up with my greatest heart-aches. There is a merciful God!! I will try to keep this blog focused on the "Best of Times." Right now the center of my life focuses on my mother. She is a woman of infininate wisdom, with a long history of life experiences to draw upon. I admire her deeply, and love her more than words will allow me to express. I have the great honor of caring for her as she struggles with age and infirmaties. We have created a rountine for our days that always ends with me tucking her in bed at night with a last hug and kiss and turning out her light and shutting the door. I am dumb struck to realize how fast the years fly by. It seems like yesterday that last hug and kiss ended with her turning out the light and shutting the door. It is true that life is just a short minute. It is a small circle of time, and if we live long enough we end up where we started, and then return to the Father who created us, hopefully a wiser and more humble soul. I hope that doesn't sound sad to anyone. The truth being, it is a comforting and even exciting thought for me. When I look back on my life, I look back on the many many changes that have come and gone and made me who I am today. The only constant is change itself. I expect to make many more changes if my Father in Heaven sees fit to leave me here on earth long enough. This is an incredible experience we are all allowed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007