Monday, October 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged?

I'm not sure about this, but I read on Amanda's blog that she was tagging me. Is that all it takes? I didn't feel a thing! Whether you want it or not, I guess I post 6 random things about myself. It is hard to think of anything that would interest you that you don't already know, but here goes:
1. Lima beans are the only food I have tried that I absolutely hate. Not the nice little green baby lima beans you find in vegtable soup and such, but the really big white disgusting things that my grandmother used to make, and delighted in scooping into a big bowl. I was always taught I had to eat whatever was placed before me. I tried to choke them down several times, but everytime I found they wouldn't stay in my stomach. My stomach didn't get the memo about eating everything, and absoltely refused to make a spot for Lima beans. It was finally decreed that I could pass when lima beans were served as I tended to spoil everyone else's appitite when I submitted.
2. My feet have grown a size and a half since I married. I believe my nose has grown accordingly, but can't prove it since I never measured it. It's my father's nose and I should be proud to wear it, but quite frankly, I hate my profile, and would be very happy if an inch or so of my nose was lopped off. However, I understand it will continue to grow in my old age, and it will probably meet my chin by the time I die. Please make sure no one sees my profile when I am in the casket. In fact, either have the undertaker do a little nip and tuck, or give me a closed casket ceremony.
3. If archeologist someday excavate a certain ranch in Monolith California, or on Leland Ave, in Bakersfield, they will probably run onto dozens of treasures that were long ago buried by Lizzy Bailey and her pirate captain, Tom. We loved to make treasure maps, and thought it would only be fun if the map lead to real treasures. So we would bury our favorite things. However, we were very poor map makers and rarely were able to recover our treasures. It was a sad loss, and apparently a hard lesson to learn. We were overly optomistic, I guess you could say.
4. I can eat an entire pound of Sees candy in a single evening. I have proven this more than once. Of course, this is why I am continually having to diet! Moderation has never been my strong suit!
5. I once got a jaywalking ticket, and was able to talk the District Attorney into "fixing" it for me. Of course, I swore to give up my life of crime in return.
6. I have never really learned to swim. I can kind of keep myself afloat, while in a pool and can awkwardly make my way from one side of the pool to the other. As I was growing up we always went swimming in the public pools after working on the farm during the summer. In order to swim in the "deep" end of the pool where all the "cool" kids hung out, you had to swim from one side of the pool to the other in front of the life guard, and he would pass you off, or flunk you back to the shallow end. I tried over and over again to pass, and never made it. It was a major humiliation to be exiled to the shallow end year after year!! I was once nearly drown at the beach when I was young, and pulled under by a wave and couldn't get out from under my boogie board. I have been terrified of the ocean ever since, and will never go further than ankel deep.


Amanda said...

I loved that mom. Thanks for sharing! I am gonna print that out and put it in my journal for posterity sake.

TimW8 said...

Wow, and I thought I knew you.
I didn't know you had your "daddy's nose".
Fun stuff.
Thanks for posting it.

Emily said...

I'm proud to say that I knew all of that about you!! That was fun to read Mom. Thanks for doing that.

Andrew Waite said...

Mom, you are hilarious! I had no idea about any of that. I love you mom!

TimW8 said...

I didn't know you didn't like water. You're never gonna believe what happened to me.

abutler said...

That was fun to read. Way to fit in the blog world.