Friday, October 26, 2007

Light on Our Feet

Greg and I weighed in again today at Jenny Craig. Greg was down 5 pounds in one week!!!!! I was SOOO proud of him!!!!!! That gives him a total of 29 pounds!!!! He is trying for 60, so he is almost half way there. He is looking so good! I was only down 1 1/2 pounds. My weight comes off so slow. But since I started sooner than Greg I still have a total loss of 21 1/2 pounds, just a little more than half way to my goal. Tonight is our dance performance, and we will both be a little bit lighter on our feet. I wish you could all see Greg dance!! He's looking more like Fred Astaire every day. "So You Think You Can Dance" here we come! Wish us luck as we perform the Waltz! We've been getting tips from the judges and hope we can get it right. Maybe I can figure our how to post pictures, and put some up of our dance.


Emily said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!! I'm so proud of you both! Good luck on your performance tonight. I sure wish I could be there to see you dance!!

TimW8 said...

I enjoyed seeing you guys practice. I liked it so much I can't wait to see you in costume. I know you'll do great.
You're right about Dad, he's got his son's "moves".
Like a rhinestone cowboy...wink.

Andrew Waite said...

mom you're the coolest!