Monday, July 27, 2009


These events are backwards, but basically involve the same people ... my family.

This was our fun visit to Utah,
and Anna Celeste is showing off her sewing skills.

I don't remember what Amanda was showing me, so that gorgeous face
is all that remains of that memory. That's the most important part.
Then there is "that" part.
Can't wait for Charity in our lives.
This was the girl of the hour.
Eden Elizabeth was baptized that weekend. She is such a joy.
We enjoyed Sarah and Eden for a couple of days to celebrate their 8th birthday.
Unfortunately, my lens was broken by then and I didn't get any pictures.
Jonah's shirt says it all.
Hayden dodging a bad pitch.
This time he nailed it!
Micah was unimpressed, but was wearing his heritage proudly across his chest.
Kennedy and Celeste are growing up way too fast, but are lovely young ladies.
Once more, the girl of the hour.
This catcher means business! He's also very handsome in his catcher's gear.
Not many get past Hayden.
Here we get a peek at the man behind the mask.
He even looks serious (major cute) from behind.
Here he is running in for the score. They won, of course,
and went on to become state champions!
The Butlers came for a rare visit in June, and to my horror and dismay, Brigg was all grown up!
The upside is, for a teenager he was still lovable.
Then there was the Queen of the Pool, our darling Blythe
Tucker was the young Prince.
He was a happy man learning to swim.
We had all kinds of divers showing off their best tricks.
Charlie was a little tentative...
But her made it off!
I believe this is Riley flying through the air like Superman.
Charlie still not sure about this swimming thing.
I think this is Micah

I think this is Hayden doing a back-flip.

I'm not sure how this ended ...
or this ...
But this looked like a perfect 10 to me.
This is a darn cute kid having a stare-down .....
with another cute kid.
I think the word is frusins? A very sweet image.
I guess Brigg was the champion, so another contender came along.
He looks a little more serious than the last guy. Maybe he has this one in the bag!
Blythe is a girl of many moods. This is my favorite mood.
This is her "I'm thinking about it" mood.
Maybe this is my favorite. I think this is her
"I love you Grandma" mood.
This might be her, "Don't mess with me" mood.
Now you've done it! This is her "Why do I put up with these peasants?" mood.
This is Riley at his swim meet, on the start ..
swim like crazy ....
and pick up your metal!
In June we also got a visit from Mark and Cherie, which led to a visit by this cute fellow.
Jonas definitely has that, "pinch my cheeks" face!
This is his, "I have a mission" look.
This is his "who is this camera freak chasing me around?" look.
Aunt Jenny saves him!
It was funtastic getting to see all these special people.

Now, we had one more fun weekend with Sam and Michelle. I have been trying for days to upload my pictures from that trip with little success, so I finally gave up and will post that when I do have some success. You won't want to miss it, because you can see what I learned from Sam the camera man.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'm afraid I still can't do this uploading thing very well, and have gotten things in the wrong order, not to mention getting one where her eyes are closed
(I've lost my glasses, sorry about that Anna.)

This is my eldest child, Anna Lee Waite Butler, born on the 4th of July, 1972, to grateful parents who have adored her ever since.

This is when she was still the big sister living at home during her college days.
This is where her show-biz life began. She started out wanting to be Groucho Marx.
This is at her baby sister's wedding, caught in an awkward moment, (sorry about that.)

I am so proud of this amazing accomplished woman.

37 things I love about Anna?

Smart, talented, organized, efficient, reliable, enthusiastic, loyal, fearless, beautiful, committed, humble, fun-loving, strong, bold, charitable, persevering, persistent, tenacious, stedfast, sympathetic, gregarious, frugal, friendly, expressive, imaginative, great since of humor, great laugh, great smile, straight teeth, sings like an angel, always speaks her mind, loves her Heavenly Father, loves her brothers and sisters, is a good Mom who really loves her children, is a good wife, a good teacher, she's a natural leader, and very very cool.

There you have it, with one extra for good measure.

Happy Birthday Anna. You will always be our baby girl!

(ps be sure to see my last blog on the Li River below)