Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, my fans, here we are once more in China. This was one of my favorite days. We took a one day cruise up and down the Li River. Now, before we start I have to say, "Sam, you were so right!!!" Sam gave me a couple of lessons on using my camera, which I very much appreciate, or I would not have been able to capture most of what I did. However, as he was setting the camera up for me he set it on both jpg and raw shots. I had no idea what "raw" was. As it was my first lesson, there wasn't time to get into that. Anyway, he said, "Believe me, one day you will want them." He was absolutely right, but I learned too late. While we were there, about half way through, my computer said something about not having enough room for my photos. So I thought I would erase the raw files to make more room on my computer since I didn't know what to do with them anyway. Then a couple of days ago I got a new computer, and new editing program. I found out what you could do with the raw pictures and now I am broken hearted to have erased them. I am very disappointed in my pictures of the Li River. I just didn't have enough experience, and made all kinds of mistakes that made my pictures not nearly do justice to the landscape. But I hope this gives you all an idea of the kind of awesome beauty we saw that day.
These are some of the water buffalo we saw along the banks.

A lot of very odd formations. Kind of like some parks in the desert part of the US, only they
are all covered in green. Everyone knows green is my favorite color of landscape.
Greg and I on the back of the ship. I'm the one getting a terrible sunburn.

This is a fishing bird. The fisherman tie lines onto the bird then sends it into the water to catch the fish. Then he pulls the bird back to his boat. Pretty cool.

This is the fisherman with the fishing birds.

As you can see, there were a lot of boats on the river that day, and probably most days.
These were venders that came along side the boats, risking life and limb,
trying to sell their wares.

There were a lot of interesting looking caves along the way.
Chinese writing is a little more difficult to make into a hedge, I would think.
This don't even come close to showing you how fantastic the mountains were. I have no real definition here. But try hard to use your imagination.

Pagodas along the way added some contrast.
Mom enjoying the view on top the deck with me.

There were some magnificent waterfalls. This one was one of the tallest I have ever seen,
but I only got the bottom part photographed.
As far as the eye could see.
More water buffalo.

Another boat-to-boat salesman.

Next time ... Beijing.

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Hot Pants said...

I thought you took some great pictures! I love those mountains. They almost look furry. Did you watch Amazing Race? They went along this river too and had to train the birds to catch the fish and bring them back. If you don't watch the show, you should start next season. Best show ever. Can't wait for Beijing!