Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'm afraid I still can't do this uploading thing very well, and have gotten things in the wrong order, not to mention getting one where her eyes are closed
(I've lost my glasses, sorry about that Anna.)

This is my eldest child, Anna Lee Waite Butler, born on the 4th of July, 1972, to grateful parents who have adored her ever since.

This is when she was still the big sister living at home during her college days.
This is where her show-biz life began. She started out wanting to be Groucho Marx.
This is at her baby sister's wedding, caught in an awkward moment, (sorry about that.)

I am so proud of this amazing accomplished woman.

37 things I love about Anna?

Smart, talented, organized, efficient, reliable, enthusiastic, loyal, fearless, beautiful, committed, humble, fun-loving, strong, bold, charitable, persevering, persistent, tenacious, stedfast, sympathetic, gregarious, frugal, friendly, expressive, imaginative, great since of humor, great laugh, great smile, straight teeth, sings like an angel, always speaks her mind, loves her Heavenly Father, loves her brothers and sisters, is a good Mom who really loves her children, is a good wife, a good teacher, she's a natural leader, and very very cool.

There you have it, with one extra for good measure.

Happy Birthday Anna. You will always be our baby girl!

(ps be sure to see my last blog on the Li River below)


Markie23 said...

Happy Birthday Anna!! If only we didn't live so far away... we'd probably be partying with you huh?

Annie said...

Thank you Mom for that sweet post. I owe it all to you. I can't wait to see you in a week. I love you!!

ManicMandee said...

What a nice post! Can't wait to see you.