Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fred and Ginger, Move Over!!

For those who don't remember that far back, and don't watch old movies, Fred and Ginger were the best ballroom dancers on the planet, back when. Move over!!!! Greg and Lizzy are the next best thing!! Well .... sort of .... kind of ..... well ... maybe ... not even close. But we sure had a good time trying!! Our programs went very well. The first night Greg was so nervous I was afraid he was going to pass out, or even worse, wet his pants. But he hung in there and did a terrific job. There was one step where he caught the heel of my shoe and it went flying. We missed a step or two while I got it placed back on my foot, and we got right back into it. I have to admit that I was partly to blame. I had never practiced in my heels while wearing stockings. That night, feeling very dressed up and elegant, decided I needed to wear stockings to make it all perfect. That was a very bad move. I hadn't taken into consideration that I had never practiced in those shoes with stockings, and choosing to change our normal routine for a performance was a very bad move. I had my toes curled up the whole time trying to keep my shoes on. I didn't care what happened with the steps as long as I ended the dance with both shoes in tact! The secong night I lost the stockings and did much much better! Greg wasn't nearly as nervous the second night and stayed off my feet. I was very proud of us both. Of course we heard all kinds of comments about how wonderful Molly and Scott were. They do dance beautifully together, but there is that extra chemistry that no one seems to miss. I think the whole stake got the message that Molly and Scott are in-love!! Congrats to them for their great performance! If I get some help from the Geek squad I will post a couple of pictures later.


abutler said...

Congrats on your performance, I wish I could have been there. At least to she your shoe fly off. I'm sure the recovery was amazing.

TimW8 said...

Great Job on your dance. I didn't even notice your Shoe Incident.
BTW...Amanda did TAG you and I wanna hear something that I didn't know about you.

molly said...

That was sooo much fun!You guys did a rad job!!