Monday, November 19, 2007

What a Day!!! : )

So Greg and I decided to take a little trip over to the coast with Molly and Scott. We thought we would give them the pleasure of showing us their favorite stomping grounds, scout out a place for the wedding, and get to spend some extra time with them. We took Grandma with us and drove up to my brother Sam's place and spent the night. The next day we left Grandma being entertained by Sam and we took off for our adventure. It was a beautiful day with sunny blue skies, and the perfect temperature for enjoying the great outdoors. We drove down the coast of Highway 1 watching the scenic view on the right. It was spectacular! we passed beautiful white sand beaches, tall waves with snow-white caps crashing on rocks that sent a fine spray high into the air, and water the shade of aqua I thought only existed in a fine-tuned imagination. It was crystal clear, like the beaches in Fiji. We took a little drive through Carmel. I thought I had been there before, but it was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting a cute little California coast town. Instead, I found myself back in the Cotswolds! darling little english cottages, half-timbered, stone fenced, and even a thatched roof here and there. I WAS HOME!!!! Greg and I had considered spending out next anniversary in England, but have since decided to save the airfare and fatigue and come to Carmel instead. As we drove further down the coast we learned of the early beginnings of Scott's family... how his parents met, where they worked, and how and where Scott and his brother Tucker were raised .. all very interesting, entertaining and informative. Then we got to the area that Scott was most excited to show us. Pfiffer State Park. (Did I spell that right?) What a beautiful place!!! Tall redwood trees that grow all the way down to the ocean, beautiful trails calling us in every direction, little streams, bigger streams, quaint little bridges and breath-taking waterfalls. He showed us one spot that had "IT" all. What a location!!!! Cecil B. DeMille could not have found a better location to shoot "The Wedding of the Century." We don't know if we can use the spot yet, but we are hoping with might!! We saw several other places, just in case. We hiked up and down every trail we had time for, and were sure wishing we had more time! We had a very late lunch at a wonderful restaurant that Scott knew of. It was high on the cliffs over looking that special shade of aqua that made us grateful to be alive. I had a salad that was the best ever, but sadly, left me wanting more. By the time we headed back north, the fog rolled in and the sun set leaving us in the dark. I do hate these early sunsets, but on a day like that, it should be against the law!!!! If ever I needed some daylight-saving, it was then! Since I could no longer enjoy the view I decided I would enjoy some food. The salad, though fantastic, did not do the trick for me. I NEEDED CLAM CHOWDER!! We stopped at Moss Landing, miraculously (another story) and filled up on Phil's famous chowder in a bread-bowl. I was a happy woman!! (Sorry Jenny Craig!) If it had been on the Jenny Craig menu, I think it might have had one mouthful .... just enough to make you hungry, and no bread-bowl to put it in. We finished and headed up the road to try and find Sam's house in the dark and fog once more, but with a smile on our faces. We only had time for a quick "good-bye" and a grab-grandma-and-go. It was one of those days that remains in your memory forever. If I ever end up in a "Groundhog Day" I would want it to be that day. Thanks Molly and Scott!!

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molly said...

We had sooo much fun that day!