Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PART TWO OF THE PREVIOUS BLOG .... be sure to read it. I'm spending all day waiting for these to upload and want to know if it's worth it.

This woman has a reason to take a break.  What is her job?  She sweeps the Great Wall of China!  Now that's a lot of sweeping!!
This little doll is all dressed up with no place to go.
Shave and a haircut ,,, two bits .... and no takers.
Now that's a bowl.  Won't exactly fit in the kitchen sink.
Business is slow for this lady also.  A common complaint.
I love a good face.
This face has seen some life.
This little girl has no qualms about taking her bath in the street, while Dad is still able to keep an eye on business

This puts a new face on the doorman.
Jumping steps keeps this little girl entertained while parents are selling their wares on the street.  What, no video games?
The woman with this great face is trying to collect empty plastic water bottles from people as they pass by.  There's always a way to make a few more pennies.
This fellow is on his way to work inside the ancient walls of Pingyow.
This little guy looks like he is on his way to Cub Scouts.
We were told that everone knows what is in the closet of everyone else.  This is the reason why.
Usually the lines are hanging outside their high-rise apartment buildings.  Notice the Chinese graffiti.  It happens everywhere in the world.
This is rice patty we hear so much about.  Looks like back-breaking work to me.
This is the "good side of town."
This is what you pass as you disembark your luxurious cruiseliner.  More guilt ....
A rare small vehicle with 4 wheels instead of 3.
Look down the street at what is coming our way.
Now this is a full load!  I don't think they read the story of the three little pigs, or these would be bricks in the bed of his "truck."
They qualify for the "pool lane."
She could use a little help on the uphill run.
We hitch a ride any way we can.
I think this is a roadside breakdown.
Have you ever forgotten you left a little something on the roof of your car?


Markie23 said...

Confucius say "The ox is slow but the earth is patient". Markie say "The upload is slow but the internet is patient". It was most definitely worth it. You have saved face and earned great honor.

ManicMandee said...

Your pictures are very National Geographic like. Cool.

Emily said...

This is all VERY interesting to me. Please keep them coming! I love how you captured so much of the culture in your pictures. Great stuff!

Mary said...

I'm enjoying all these great pictures, very much. I feel like I made the trip and didn't have to go through the grueling effort you guys did!

Vegas Family said...

Love the photos. Yes, keep them coming. Did you get to try the Chicken Feet while there?
I found China facinating.