Saturday, June 20, 2009


The question I have been asked the most often about our trip is, "How was the food?"
Like I've said, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Bones by the pound.
Maggie and Sophie are licking their chops.
This picture ...
.. and this picture is the rare ocassion when the picture looks better than the real thing.
If you can live on tainted fruit and nuts, you are in luck.

Maybe not so fresh ...
These are super fresh, but a little gooey.
These are super fresh!
These are super fresh, but a little more work is involved.
Nothing is wasted!
Roll these in cinnamon and sugar, and you have dessert on a stick.
These are so fresh the legs are still kicking ....
These are super fresh but you have to catch them first.

They'll boil them in oil right in front of you so you are guaranteed a fresh, hot meal ... yummm!
Anyone for Chinese food?


TimW8 said...

I'd like to try some of those things…like the scorpion, star fish but I would pass on the worm.

Cristin said...

UMMM, I think I'll stick with my local chinese food place. I like that it comes in a form that doesn't look exactly like the animal it came from.

I'm still gagging a bit.

Markie23 said...

Next time a Chinese restaurant advertises that their food is "authentic", I'll know to pass.

Emily said...

I'm trying not to throw up right now. That stuff looked NASTY!! Glad you survived it all.

Hot Pants said...

They made the racers eat the fried bugs and starfish on the Amazing Race this year. I bet the vendors make a killing on the fried bugs. Do you think they set a bunch of traps in the alleys to catch the cockroaches? Or do you think they paid a wholesaler for them?

Mary said...

No wonder you didn't gain an ounce on that vacation. I hope you got a decent meal while there.

Anonymous said...


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