Friday, June 12, 2009

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE FACES (and bottoms) Part One

This is my favorite face of the trip! 
"Oh no, rice again!"
"No more Americans!!"

The Chinese don't use diapers.  What do you think?

Wait a minute.... not enough rice?

ooops ... there's the baby bottom again.

A little camera shy.

This little guy had charm out the ying and yang.

Hanging out with hippos and ostriches 

I'll end with my favorite "end"!


Emily said...

Oh my gosh! The bottomless kids is the weirdest thing! Why do that do that and where/how do they go to the bathroom. I've never heard of that.

Very cute post, Mom. My favorite part of our trip to Japan was definitely the people, but especially the children.

Keep the posts coming.

Hot Pants said...

I need to get me some of those britches! How convenient would that be? I also plan on shaving my boys hair, except for their bangs. We're gonna be looking good over here!

Jenny ESP said...

What? No diapers? That's an accident waiting to happen. I hope you have more for us...