Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just to let you know ... I tried to make my pictures (the first ones, which are the last ones) larger.  I guess my internet is too slow and it was taking me days.  So I am going with small size pictures and if you want to see them larger click on them.

This blog is all about my best traveling buddy.
Greg is the guy on the left, not the right.  The other guy is "Future Buddha."  I like this guy because he is always happy ... that's the guy on the right, not the left.  Greg, the guy on the left, is usually happy, but doesn't like to show it.  Both guys like Chinese food, and both guys like to have their picture taken.  Only one likes to smile all the time. Notice the similarity in earlobes. 

We visited an elementary school, and Greg was in his element.  First there was the dime in the old fake-thumb-trick.  It was a real crowd pleaser.
Then it was the Chinese-talking-iphone.  It amazed and amused, and best of all,  it took pictures.  This is something Chinese children like a lot.  At least, these Chinese children.
This guy is from Southern China. We were told that the people from the south are rice eaters and the people from the north are noodle eaters.  Noodles make you taller than rice .... so they say.  You do the math.  The birds?  Fish eaters I believe. Although, I didn't measure them they looked short to me.
Definitely a rice eater. guy is definitely a noddle eater!

Who is the man behind the fan? Hint .... it's not the happy Buddha.  This is the Forbidden City so maybe that explains the disguise.  Even the city is in disguise.
Good guess!
Greg sees this sharp looking line of uniforms and can't resist....
And he's sucked in ......  Going .... going ..
... and he's gone.  A few more steps and it would have been a trip to the pokie.

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Markie23 said...

It's true that rice makes you shorter, noodles make you taller... also, french fries make you wider.

Emily said...

You really got some GREAT pictures!! These have been so fun to see! I love the pictures with Dad and the school children. SO GREAT!!!